Watch Stasis (2017)

After a night out of partying Ava wakes up and sneaks back home only to find that somebody's already in her bed and they look exactly like her. Ava learns that a time-traveling fugitive has stolen her body and she is now a ghost and invisible to everyone.

Definitely movie from my personal top 10 of best movies ever. In the United Kingdom, Stasis became one of the highest-grossed Sci-Fi movies. The soundtrack is very good too. You just have to watch Stasis. It can be interpreted in many ways. Nicole Jones-Dion's films play on emotions and are able to move a more sensitive viewer. I bought this movie in blu-ray quality last time, so I decided to upload full movie here.

Countries: United States
Release: 2017-06-04
Duration: 90 min
IMDb Rating: 3