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Paige, Frankie, Bernie, and Amelia begin their first day of high school. Paige and Frankie are disappointed when they learn that they will not have any classes together, but they decide to make the best of the situation and try to work through it. While Paige enjoys the new school and immediately makes several new friends, Frankie believes that she does not fit in after having a bad first day, as she has difficulty making new friends and keeps getting her hair caught in her locker. Paige cheers Frankie up and convinces her that it will take time before she fits in and makes new friends. Frankie becomes happy when several students recognize her and Paige from Bizaardvark. Meanwhile, Amelia realizes that her teacher and none of her classmates like her except for Bernie, who cheers her up. Dirk returns to the high school to perform a dare in which he uses rocket-powered leaf blowers to propel him through a wall. In the post-credits, Paige cuts Frankie's hair as they do their latest video about their first day of school.Paige and Frankie film a video for Bizaardvark in which they are dressed as chocolate bananas while singing a song. When they begin editing the video, they realize that their costumes actually resemble feces and decide not to publish the video. The next day, graffiti is discovered on some of the school's lockers. Paige and Frankie realize that they caught the suspect in the background on their video, but they are hesitant to show the embarrassing tape to Principal Karen. More graffiti appears the next day, and Amelia becomes the suspect after a security guard spotted her leaving school the night before. After Amelia receives detention, Paige and Frankie plan to secretly create new graffiti during a school event that she will be attending, in order to demonstrate that she is not the vandal. However, Paige and Frankie are caught with spray paint and are brought into Principal Karen's office. The real culprit Simon Vandalman is caught by Security Guard Clark before Paige and Frankie hand over their video to Karen, but the footage is taken anyways as possible evidence, leading to the video being aired on a news program. Meanwhile, Bernie considers Dirk to be his best friend and says so to him, but he is upset when Dirk does not repeat it back.Dr. Wong, Frankie's father who works as a medical doctor, takes two weeks off from work so he can spend more time with her. Frankie neglects an upcoming test and term paper so she can spend time with her father, who began working more often after divorcing her mother so he could afford to provide Frankie with whatever she wanted. When Frankie becomes stressed out about not getting her homework finished on time, she tells her father, who decides to work less often from now on so they can spend more time together. Meanwhile, when Dirk becomes tired of Vuuugle's hot chocolate bar, a group of Vuuuglers unite with him to have it torn out for something better. The group rejects Amelia's idea to replace the hot chocolate bar with a beverage bar that would offer a variety of drinks. Dirk is unable to think of a concept worthy of replacing the hot chocolate bar, which he then unsuccessfully tries to put back together. Liam then has the space converted into a first-floor office for himself so that Viking Guy no longer has to carry his mobile monitor up the stairs, while Dirk and the other Vuuuglers set up a dart board outside the new office for their enjoyment.Paige goes on a date with a boy she likes named Reese, who requests that she not make him the subject of any Bizaardvark videos; Paige assures him that she does not plan to do so, but Frankie encourages her to keep the possibility open. During a date, Reese reveals to Paige that he has a caterpillar named Roger, which inspires her and Frankie with numerous video ideas. Frankie convinces Paige to proceed with the videos and end the relationship with Reese. When Frankie realizes how much Reese likes Paige, she tells her to get back together with him. When Paige reveals to Reese her idea for a Bizaardvark video about his caterpillar, he approves of it and later appears in the video. Meanwhile, Bernie joins the school wrestling team and obtains a wrestling jacket, which gains him attention from girls, including an invitation from Amelia to a party she is having. Bernie is initially the only child in his weight class, but when Coach Carlson discovers that Bernie has gained weight, he is put in a wrestling match against a boy known as The Brick. After Bernie loses the match, his jacket is revoked and he is disinvited to the party. In the post-credits, Paige and Reese do their video with Frankie portraying Reese's caterpillar.Paige and Frankie are given a Vuuugle studio after Bizaardvark reaches 100,000 subscribers. However, they disagree on how to decorate the new studio. Frankie wants Paige and herself to decorate the studio, while Paige wants to let their fans decide how to decorate it. Their disagreement escalates when Frankie accuses Paige of being insecure and worrying about what other people think of her. Frankie, who is not insecure, later tells Paige that she has tried not to care about what other people think after her mother left the family. Paige and Frankie rekindle their friendship and decorate the studio themselves. Meanwhile, Amelia agrees to dance in a school fundraising event so she can become friends with the event's organizer, Rachel. However, Amelia does not know how to dance, so Bernie offers to teach her. Bernie also does not know how to dance, but learns from his grandmother by dancing with her. During practice, Bernie realizes that his grandmother only taught him how to perform dance moves meant for the role of a female dance partner, such as the dip. Instead, Amelia and Bernie decide to perform their own dance moves, but their performance is poorly received. In the post-credits, Paige and Frankie give the viewers a tour of their studio.Paige is upset to see that the school mascot, an owl named Hawk, is confined to a cage. Paige secretly brings the owl to Frankie's house so she can eventually set it free, but then the girls learn that the animal will not be able to survive in the wild because it has no survival skills. Principal Karen locates the owl, and Paige confesses to taking it. Principal Karen tells them that Hawk is only put in a cage during school events, and that it otherwise lives at a 100-acre nature sanctuary. As punishment for their actions, the girls are required to take Principal Karen's six-hour owl safety seminar, and must pay a fine and perform community service. Meanwhile, Dirk has agreed to watch his friend's eight-year-old brother Patrick who enjoys destroying things. Amelia and her friend, Alisha Marie, have created a shower chandelier which is meant to hang above a shower and dispense soap and shampoo. Patrick convinces Dirk and Bernie that he is actually an undercover CIA agent who has been tasked with destroying the shower chandelier because it poses a national security risk. Patrick eventually succeeds in destroying the shower chandelier much to the dismay of Amelia and Alisha.Bernie's grandmother decides to take Paige and Dirk camping so Bernie can demonstrate the skills he learned from a camp school. However, Bernie secretly tells Dirk that he did not attend camp school, choosing instead to play a dancing arcade game at Vuuugle during each day that the camp was held. Bernie pretends to have camping skills, but eventually tells his grandmother the truth. Meanwhile, Frankie and Amelia decline to go on the trip as they do not like camping. Frankie and Amelia decide to become closer friends, and learn that they both share an interest in winning a hot-wing-eating contest at a restaurant. However, after winning the contest, they struggle to think of any other interests that they share. When a raccoon enters Frankie's house, the two girls wind up camping outside to stay away from the animal.When Frankie's father, Douglas, decides to start dating, she and Paige take him to a school meeting, hoping that he will meet a single woman there. The girls are surprised when Douglas takes an interest in their teacher, Ms. Dana Bates. The two begin dating, which discomforts Frankie, as she begins having delusions that the cool children at school are mocking her because of her father's new relationship. Frankie and Paige look through Dana's office, hoping to find something that will make Douglas want to end the relationship. The girls then overhear Dana during a phone conversation and believe that she is cheating on Douglas with a man named Max. Paige and Frankie confront Dana at a restaurant, where they learn that Max is actually her son. Frankie later approves of the relationship when she sees how happy Douglas and Dana are. Meanwhile, Dirk's back is hurting after two months of sleeping on the floor at Bernie's house, so the two decide to buy a bunk bed designed to look like a yacht. However, they lack the money needed to purchase the bed, and their request for a bank loan is rejected. Out of anger, Dirk punches a hole in the wall at the DareMeBro studio, and Bernie notices money inside the wall. Dirk explains that he uses the money as insulation. When Bernie attempts to punch a hole into the wall to retrieve more money, he breaks all the bones in his arm and the money is spent on medical treatment for him.Paige and Frankie have Dirk join the Vuuugle softball team, but they are disappointed to discover that he does not play well. To avoid hurting Dirk's feelings, Paige and Frankie tell him that the upcoming softball game was cancelled. However, Dirk sees the team return to Vuuugle from the game while they are still wearing their softball uniforms. The team devises a cover story by telling Dirk that they were rehearsing for a Vuuugle musical titled Softball: The Musical. Dirk intends to see the show, forcing the softball team to put a real musical together, but he later announces that he now has plans to attend a wedding on the day of the show. Viking Guy, an unintelligent member of the softball team, tells Dirk that the musical can be rescheduled so Dirk can attend, thus forcing the team to continue with the show. Amelia invites her subscribers to see the musical. After the musical concludes, Viking Guy tells Dirk that it was only put on to avoid telling him the truth about his lack of softball skills. Paige and Frankie apologize to Dirk, and promise to be truthful from there on.Paige and Frankie have a disagreement about what their next video should be, with Frankie saying no to each suggestion that Paige makes. Paige points this out to Frankie, who notes that Paige usually says yes to things. They make a bet in which Paige can only say no when asked questions, while Frankie can only say yes. The winner gets to choose how to spend their collection of arcade tickets. Paige realizes how relaxing her life can be when she says no to people, as she has more time for herself. Bernie introduces Gaby, a young girl, to Paige. Bernie says Gaby has traveled from Fiji to hear Paige sing, but Paige rejects her request as part of the bet. Paige then learns that Gaby was hired by Frankie in an attempt to make Paige lose the bet. Paige meets an unsanitary student named Marlene, who is in search of a school mentor. Paige tells Marlene to ask Frankie to be her mentor, and Frankie reluctantly accepts the request to avoid losing the bet. When Frankie tells Paige how tired she is of Marlene, Paige offers to spend some time with Marlene to give Frankie a break from her. Paige loses the bet when says yes during their conversation. Frankie had intended to get a fighting robot with the tickets, but she does not have enough tickets and instead settles for thousands of spider rings. Meanwhile, Amelia learns that her Vuuugle channel could gain new subscribers by posting outtakes of herself. However, she has never made a mistake during her videos, so Dirk and Bernie help her.Frankie babysits her neighbor, a girl named Savannah, who is working on a science fair project about crickets. After learning that one of Savannah's classmates is getting help from his parents on his science fair project, Paige and Frankie are reminded of an earlier science project that they worked on, which lost to a boy whose project also received help from his parents. Paige and Frankie decide to help Savannah with her project, to avoid a repeat of what happened to them. Paige and Frankie have a Vuuugle science channel build a functioning satellite as Savannah's project, which they believe will easily win the contest. At the science fair, Savannah tells Paige and Frankie that she does not care about winning. Instead, Savannah presents her cricket project with help from Paige and Frankie, who portray the roles of cricket puppets. Meanwhile, Bernie is told by Liam that he must do a presentation for Bizaardvark so it can remain a Vuuugle channel. However, Bernie is occupied with thoughts of his presentation, and inadvertently ignores Liam's instructions on how it should be done. Bernie later gives his presentation and hopes for it to be adequate. Liam, busy fantasizing about quitting his job, inadvertently ignores the presentation but allows Bizaardvark to remain at Vuuugle.Paige and Frankie help their fellow students to ask people out for prom by putting together elaborate prom proposals known as promposals. Paige and Frankie have successfully helped nine children get dates for the prom, but they are worried about disrupting their winning streak when Bernie asks them if they can get him a date with Kate, a tall tennis player who is an honor roll student and the president of her class. Paige and Frankie do not believe Kate would want to go to prom with Bernie, so they have Amelia ask him instead to spare him of public rejection. After Bernie learns the truth, Paige and Frankie decide to proceed with a promposal for Kate. Bernie eventually gets a date with Kate on his own, but because of his clumsiness, he inadvertently disrupts the prom and hurts Kate. Meanwhile, Dirk tries to avoid hearing spoilers about the season finale of a television series until he can watch it with his brother. However, Amelia and Viking Guy repeatedly discuss the finale while Dirk is around. After Dirk watches the finale, he learns that Amelia and Viking Guy are no longer interested in discussing it as they have begun watching a new television series.Paige, Frankie, and their friends decide to tell Halloween stories after the power goes out at Vuuugle. In Paige and Frankie's story, Bernie visits a store that is operated by a witch who resembles Amelia. As a present for Paige and Frankie, Bernie purchases cursed dolls that resemble the girls. The dolls come to life and create their own Vuuugle web show, with plans to become more popular than Bizaardvark. Paige and Frankie destroy the dolls and eat them, not realizing that consuming them will turn the girls into dolls. In Dirk's story, he is dared to spend Halloween night at his Vuuugle studio. Dirk and Bernie visit the witch's store to buy him a coffin to sleep in. The morning after the dare, Dirk awakens as a vampire and later convinces Amelia, Bernie and Viking Guy to let him turn them into vampires. In Bernie's story, he purchases a cursed cologne from the witch and is transformed into a werewolf at school, where he becomes popular among the students. Paige, Frankie, Amelia and Dirk express disappointment with Bernie's story, leading him to expand it with further details that he adds in as the story progresses.The Bizaardvark girls and their friends are enjoying the holiday party at the Vuuugle building, until an evil army of killer robots crash the festivities.Paige and Frankie turn to crazy Biaardvark Superfan Belissa to learn how to combat Principal Karen's over the top obsession with the duo.Dirk undergoes a crisis as to the direction of Dare Me Bro! Paige and Frankie struggle to stay awake with the new somnolent science teacher.As Amelia becomes immersed in the sport of Volleyball, Frankie enlists the creator of Bernie's favorite TV show to coax the fledgling author to end his own epic tale which she has become obsessed with.Frankie is wary of Jade, the new girl at school, but Paige advises not to judge by appearances--little suspecting just how wrong she will prove to be. Meanwhile, Bernie meets his biggest fan, Paige's cousin, Mateo.Paige's concern for new pet Hermie, distracts her from the celebration surrounding Bizaardvark's 100th video, and seeks assistance from Yvette of Vuuugle's Veterinary Channel.The series revolves around two 12-year-old best friends, Paige and Frankie, who write funny songs and create music videos for their online channel, titled Bizaardvark, which has 10,000 subscribers. The amateur musicians get to work from a creative studio space that they hope will take their videos to the next level. In their cool new environment, and with the help of family and friends, the girls will embark on a series of comedic adventures in their quest to become online stars.... Show more

Bizaardvark - Season 2 is one of my favorite tv show from year 2017. No finer tv show has ever been made in Comedy category espacially in 2017... and it is now for free. I especially love in Bizaardvark - Season 2 the soundtrack, it is one of the greatest tv series soundtracks ever. Bizaardvark - Season 2 turned out to be better than I predicted. It is an interesting, nice and pleasant tv show that is really worth watching online. That tv show sticks out in my mind with how good it was. Maybe because I just didn't expect it. You can watch this tv series here on this website in full HD.... Show more

Countries: United States
Release: 2017-06-23
IMDb Rating: 3.5