Monster Beach Party


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The Violas Tour (a rock band for all girls) falls apart in a small, mysterious community on the southern beach. I got stuck with no money until a local mechanic Hector made an offer - play at his annual beach party and he'd fix your van for free! However, without the girls' knowledge, the local police investigate strange events and bring the great scientist John Patterson along to solve the puzzle. Now the party is taking place, the monster is at large and everything gathers at the biggest beach party of the year.... Show more

In my opinion Monster Beach Party is one of the most impressive films. In the United Kingdom, Monster Beach Party became one of the highest-grossed Comedy movies. I will tell you something. I ended up watching it four times whole movie online in the web, almost without breaks. There are some scenes in this movie that I will remember them until I die. The variety of dialogues, which is the power of this production, excites the viewer, especially against today's movies that are clearly weak and so boring. Easily the movie with the best dialogues ever. Monster Beach Party is one of the best possible choice for a saturday evening with cinema.... Show more

Release: 2009
IMDb Rating: 6.2