Dark Passage


Watch Dark Passage (1947)

Bogart plays a man convicted of murdering his wife, who escapes from prison to prove his innocence. Bogart discovers that his facial features are too familiar and has to look for illegal plastic surgery in the back room. The whole part of the film in front of the knife was shot from Bogart's point of view when we first saw the refugee when he began to recover from the operation in the apartment of a likeable young artist (played by Bacall), for whom he would soon be the Feeling. But he really wants revenge.

In my opinion Dark Passage is one of the most impressive films. In the United Kingdom, Dark Passage became one of the highest-grossed Thriller movies. I sat for a long time after the end of Dark Passage, reflecting on my thoughts. At all, Thriller can boast of one of the biggest numbers of good movies. It can be interpreted in many ways. Dark Passage appeared on the screenings in 1947 and immediately became one of the most moving cinematic films of recent years. Watch Dark Passage online or download it.

Directors: Delmer Daves
Countries: United States
Release: 1947-09-27
Duration: 106 min
IMDb Rating: 7.6