The Trygon Factor


Watch The Trygon Factor (1966)

Scotland Yard detective to investigate a series of robberies and murders and the information they discovered, leading to the villa a rich family, but who share the court with a group of nuns the strange Englishman. Detective comes to believe that neither the family nor the sisters is quite what it seems.

Great Comedy with a great cast, a good storyline and above all: the most funny dialogues ever. It's hard to find a movie done this well. I know it gets a lot of stick for being the mainstream popular movie, but honestly I can not think of anything wrong with this movie online. You just have to watch The Trygon Factor. Everytime I watch The Trygon Factor movie online, I'm really enjoying the music, it is just pure soul of this movie. I can't say that I'm a big fan of Crime, but I liked it!. Last time I bought this movie in a blu-ray quality, so I decided to upload the full movie here.... Show more

Release: 1966
Duration: 88 min
IMDb Rating: 6