John Doe: Vigilante


Watch John Doe: Vigilante (2014)

Some call him a hero. Some call him a villain. He's "John Doe: Vigilante" - an ordinary man who decides to take the law into his own hands. Frustrated with a failing legal system that continues to allow violent criminals to go free, John Doe begins exacting justice the only way he knows how - by killing one criminal at a time. Soon he becomes a media sensation and inspires a group of copycat vigilantes, but who is the real John Doe - a pillar of justice or a cold-blooded murderer? You decide.

John Doe: Vigilante is one of my favorite movie from year 2014. I really recommend to see and put John Doe: Vigilante on the list of the best films, because John Doe: Vigilante certainly deserve it. John Doe: Vigilante is a great movie and there is no doubt. However, this genre may boast of one of the larger number of popular titles. Every single performance is incredible. Not to mention that it has the best music in a movie. Kelly Dolen proved that the whole film can hold the viewer's attention. Now, watch and enjoy :).... Show more

Directors: Kelly Dolen
Release: 2014-03-21
Duration: 93 min
IMDb Rating: 6.6