In the Line of Duty IV


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Two detectives who are in trouble and are trying to close a drug trafficking program that could be linked to international links to organized crime. But an innocent immigrant, Dr. Luk Wan-Ting, confused when he witnesses a murder of a secret service agent and commits a crime. After escaping police custody and after his friend was brutally killed by hired murderers in search of a negative film that Luk lost, he has no choice but to return to Hong Kong until the heat has cooled. Donny and Penny Yeung are called to deliver him with the help of Captain Michael. Penny considers Luke innocent and tries everything he can to help him, while Donny, who is skeptical about Łukasz's innocence, thinks he is guilty and does his best to handcuff him. If both investigate more, they find that the drug cartel may have links to the dishonest C.I.A. ...... Show more

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Actors: Donnie Yen
Release: 1989
Duration: 94 min
IMDb Rating: 7.1