Art of the Dead


Watch Art of the Dead (2019)

A collection of paintings unleash horror on an unsuspecting family corrupted by the seven deadly sins of greed, envy, gluttony, lust, sloth, pride, and wrath.

In my opinion Art of the Dead is one of the most impressive films. I have good news for lovers of Horror cinema. I know it gets a lot of stick for being the mainstream popular movie, but honestly I can not think of anything wrong with the movie online. Art of the Dead also looks nice from the soundtrack side. I really like film music, this movie's pure strip. Rolfe Kanefsky's films play on emotions and are able to move a more sensitive viewer. Now, watch and enjoy :).

Directors: Rolfe Kanefsky
Countries: United States
Release: 2019-10-04
Duration: 97 min
IMDb Rating: 6.2