Ice Castles


Watch Ice Castles (2010)

Alexis Winston is a young girl who dreams of becoming a champion figure skater. The road to becoming a champion is tough and forced to leave her family behind and eventually causes the break up between her and her boyfriend. While practicing, Alexis suffers a terrible accident that takes her sight and threatens to destroy her dreams. In the midst of feeling sorry for herself she finds herself falling in love all over again with her boyfriend in Nick who (with help from her family) helps her to realize that she can still fulfill her dreams.... Show more

Every year, at least a dozen of Drama movies are created, most of them are usually ordinary. I have good news for lovers of Romance cinema. I sat for a long time after the end of Ice Castles, reflecting on my thoughts. Ice Castles is the only movie I saw full, more than once. I really like film music, this movie's pure strip. Donald Wrye's films play on emotions and are able to move a more sensitive viewer. You can watch Ice Castles here on this website.

Directors: Donald Wrye
Countries: United States, Canada
Release: 2010-02-09
Duration: 95 min
IMDb Rating: 6.3