In Utero


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In Utero is a cinematic rumination on what will emerge as the provocative issue of the 21st century - the life in the womb and its lasting effect. Epigenetics, converge Alice in Wonderland, The Matrix, scientists, psychologists and doctors to prove biochemistry that we are not what we think we are. In Utero for the first time combines convincing data, which explains why some of the challenges faced from the outset, while others develop. Prepare surprised fascinated to be, but not surprised about the future for themselves, their families and the human race.... Show more

Every year, at least a dozen of Documentary movies are created, most of them are usually ordinary. Most movies, even the greatest ones, evaporate like mist once you've returned to the real world; they leave memories behind, but their reality fades free quickly. But not with this one :). This film, which I even refuse to compare with the other ones is the masterpiece created by my favorite director. In Utero is the only movie I saw full, more than once. Special effects, action and characters give this high rating. I can't say that I'm a big fan of Family, but I liked it!. I bought this movie in blu-ray quality last time, so I decided to upload full movie here.... Show more

Release: 2015
Duration: 100 min
IMDb Rating: 8.3