The Trip to Bountiful


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Carrie Watts lived in the dawn of her life in an apartment in Houston, Texas in the 1940s with a controlling daughter-in-law and a woodpecker from the hen. Her sincere wish - at least once before her death - is to return to Bountiful, a small Texas town in her youth that she still calls "home." The problem is that her son Ludie is too worried about his health to let her travel alone, and her little daughter-in-law Jessie Mae insists they have no money to waste bus tickets. This leads to attempts to escape each month, which coincides with the arrival of Ms. Watts' social security check. Then Ms. Watts manages to flee and return home.... Show more

The Trip to Bountiful is a simple movie, but it has a lot to offer the viewer. In the United Kingdom, The Trip to Bountiful became one of the highest-grossed Drama movies. I know it gets a lot of stick for being the mainstream popular movie, but honestly I can not think of anything wrong with this movie online. However, this genre may boast of one of the larger number of popular titles. It can be interpreted in many ways. Fucking loved this movie! Such a mix of emotions. It's a movie for everyone, I'm sure you'll like it after watching.... Show more

Release: 1985
Duration: 108 min
IMDb Rating: 7.5