Watch Flyboys (2006)

In 1916, a group of young American volunteers under the command of Captain Georges Thenault joined the French Air Force to fight Germany during the First World War. You will be trained by the experienced pilot Reed Cassidy, who has lost all of his friends and will become a respected Lafayette Escadrille after some of the surviving missions. Meanwhile, the Texas fighter pilot Blaine Rawlings meets the wonderful French Lucienne and falls in love despite the differences in language and culture. Who will survive the war... Show more

Great Action with a great cast, a good storyline and above all: the most funny dialogues ever. I really recommend to see and put Flyboys on the list of the best films, because Flyboys certainly deserve it. The soundtrack is very good too. Flyboys is movie, you will watch whole, more than once. Varied dialogues are the quintessence of this image, they inspire the viewer. Tony Bill proved that the whole film can hold the viewer's attention. Last time I bought this movie in a blu-ray quality, so I decided to upload the full movie here.... Show more

Directors: Tony Bill
Release: 2006-09-22
Duration: 140 min
IMDb Rating: 6.5