Sands of the Kalahari


Watch Sands of the Kalahari (1965)

A small plane crashes in the hot deserts of southern Africa hundreds of kilometers from civilization. Because of the parallels between an orphaned group of seven passengers and a nearby herd of wild baboons, one of the male chances of survival gains an advantage for him if he decides that his chances of survival would be greater if the other males were eliminated one by one.

Sands of the Kalahari is a simple movie, but it has a lot to offer the viewer. The term 'Best' is as you know a relative term. What you or I consider as the best may not even be in someone else's list. So the general rule is to proclaim the one which majority of the folks like as the best. Nevertheless, according to me the following can be regarded as some of the finest movie ever made. This film, which I even refuse to compare with the other ones is the masterpiece created by my favorite director. You just have to watch Sands of the Kalahari. The richness of dialogue, which is the power of this image, arouses the respect of the recipient, especially when compared to today's productions, most of them are very poor. Fucking loved this movie! Such a mix of emotions. I bought this movie in blu-ray quality last time, so I decided to upload full movie here.... Show more

Release: 1965
Duration: 119 min
IMDb Rating: 6.8