10.5: Apocalypse - Season 1


Watch 10.5: Apocalypse - Season 1 (2006)

It begins with a 10.5-grade earthquake ripping apart the West Coast. A massive earthquake creates a chain of horror events that threatens two of the largest nuclear reactors. But for a team of researchers, government officials, and scientists, the trouble is just beginning.

One of the greatest tv series of all time - 10.5: Apocalypse - Season 1. I recommend the tv series to everyone, but I do not know if everyone will like it as much as I do. I was so emotionally destroyed that I saw the entire tv show three times on the internet almost in one go. I will remember some of the stages of this tv show as much as the funeral ceremony. A very positive impression on me was the creation of the main actor. Again the director proved, this time in the tv show 10.5: Apocalypse - Season 1], that he can keep the viewers in suspense all the time. 10.5: Apocalypse - Season 1 is a very good tv show, you can watch it here in FULL HD quality.... Show more

Countries: United States, Canada
Release: 2006-03-18
IMDb Rating: 4.5