Still Crazy


Watch Still Crazy (1998)

Crazy is still talking about the funny exploits of the 70s rock phenomenon "Strange Fruits" that come together 20 years after an evil breakup at public request. Everyone is old, fat and wrinkled now, trying to catch that spirit again.

Definitely movie from my personal top 10 of best movies ever. In the United Kingdom, Still Crazy became one of the highest-grossed Comedy movies. I will tell you something. I ended up watching it four times whole movie online in the web, almost without breaks. At all, Drama can boast of one of the biggest numbers of good movies. The richness of dialogue, which is the power of this image, arouses the respect of the recipient, especially when compared to today's productions, most of them are very poor. It doesn't happen often, but after watching Still Crazy, I was moved inside. You can watch Still Crazy here on this website.... Show more

Directors: Brian Gibson
Countries: United Kingdom
Release: 1998
Duration: 95 min
IMDb Rating: 7.1