The Boy


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An American nanny is shocked that her new English family's boy is actually a life-sized doll. After she violates a list of strict rules, disturbing events make her believe that the doll is really alive.

Every year, at least a dozen of Horror movies are created, most of them are usually ordinary. In the United Kingdom, The Boy became one of the highest-grossed Thriller movies. This film, which I even refuse to compare with the other ones is the masterpiece created by my favorite director. At all, Horror can boast of one of the biggest numbers of good movies. Every single performance is incredible. Not to mention that it has the best music in a movie. William Brent Bell proved that the whole film can hold the viewer's attention. Watch The Boy online or download it.... Show more

Release: 2016-01-21
Duration: 97 min
IMDb Rating: 6