Watch Tapeheads (1988)

After fired from work as security guards, Josh and forms of Ivan Video Aces, a video production company. With talent and business acumen Josh Ivan and tried it big in the industry to make projects that they want to do, do. Among those crossing paths with them are Norman Mart, the far-right presidential candidate; Samantha Gregory, a reporter music intrigues; and Mo Fuzz, a manufacturer willing to give them a chance or three, if we work on spec.

Definitely movie from my personal top 10 of best movies ever. Most movies, even the greatest ones, evaporate like mist once you've returned to the real world; they leave memories behind, but their reality fades free quickly. Not this one. The soundtrack is very good too. I'm the biggest fan in the world of movies like this. It can be interpreted in many ways. I can't say that I'm a big fan of Comedy, but I liked it!. Don't waste your time, click on play button and watch.

Directors: Damon Jamal
Countries: United States
Release: 1988
Duration: 93 min
IMDb Rating: 5.7