Kill Me Three Times


Watch Kill Me Three Times (2014)

Kill Me Three Times is an Australian comedy film by KrivStenders. The film with famous English actor Simon Pegg as well as Teresa Palmer, Sullivan Stapleton, Luke Hemsworth and Alice Braga. The film encourages viewers to follow the professional killer (Pegg) who kills the billionaire's wife. However, all things are not just that simple. It contains many situations that nobody can think of.

For me Kill Me Three Times - was the biggest surprise of the year 2014. Most movies, even the greatest ones, evaporate like mist once you've returned to the real world; they leave memories behind, but their reality fades free quickly. But not with this one :). Kriv Stenders has several directorial successes. However, this genre may boast of one of the larger number of popular titles. Every single performance is incredible. Not to mention that it has the best music in a movie. I'm not a true fan of Action, but I'm like that too!. Now, watch and enjoy :).... Show more

Directors: Kriv Stenders
Release: 2014
Duration: 90 min
IMDb Rating: 5.9