Pickle and Peanut - Season 2


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When L'il Pickle is lost, Pickle offers a huge reward for his pet's safe return. A menacing bear threatens Pickle and Peanut's boys' weekend together. The duo tries to get the summer camp experience they never had when they stumble upon a spooky abandoned campground.Pickle and Peanut crash their van onto a freeway island and must learn how to survive on it.Pickle and Peanut take over as captains of the ship to save their friend's wedding cruise.When Peanut thinks he's been transformed into a werewolf, he's determined to find a way to turn Pickle into one too. After Pickle wakes up in the body of a dog, he tracks down his old body. When the Mjärt Mart runs out of turkeys on Thanksgiving, Pickle and Peanut must get more. Pickle will do whatever it takes to make McSweats' dog Darlin like him.Pickle and Peanut use Mjärt Mart's rats to open a petting zoo.Peanut forms a musical group with Lazer.Pickle loses his sneakers to McSweats and must win a deadly footrace to get them back. After McSweats fl ushes his father's jewels down the toilet, he puts the blame of Pickle and Peanut and they eventually get wanted by the cops. They change their identities to being ladies and they have to figure out how to get back into McSweats' bathroom, unclog the toilet and clear their names.Peanut goes to visit his grandmother's house and is shock to hear that Dr. Pamplemousse (who is now a health inspector) will be tearing down the house for there being an abundance of cats living in the house. Pickle and Peanut then realize that there aren't actually cats in the house, but actors dressed as cats who have been living there for 30 years, Peanut tries to convince Pamplemousse not to demolish the house but he still believes that there is more residents than the required amount living there, Peanut tries to bribe him off by having the cat actors perform a play and he agrees saying how his parents enjoys plays. During the play, the actors find out the Pamplemousse's parents are the critics that force them onto the streets in the first place and are finding difficult to courage up and perform the play.Peanut finds his old collection of Gregazoids figurines, he notices that he's missing one of them and Pickle brings up the suggestion to go to the factory where they make them, when they do arrive there they are informed that the only country that still ever sells them is in Brazil. This encourages the boys to sneak inside the factory only to find out that the Gregazoids are real, the owner Mr. Greg has imprisoned them and Pickle sets them free. Mr. Greg tries to tell them that they're really dangerous to be set free and Pickle and Peanut goes out to collect everyone of them, after Mr. Greg destroys their asteroid spaceship, the Gregazoids turn Pickle and Peanut into Gregazoids and they defeat Mr Greg. The Gregazoids then use Mr. Gregs body as a spaceship and they fly off their home planet.Pickle and Peanut decides to set up a food truck to sell all near expired meat at the west side part of town, they have to sell all their meat before midnight or else the meat will expire and they'll lose their jobs, until things get difficult when they cause trouble in a food truck lot and are almost hunted down by other food vendors. The adventures of two unlikely friends, an emotional pickle and a freewheeling peanut, utilizing a mix of animation and live action.... Show more

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Countries: United States
Release: 2017-10-23
IMDb Rating: 4.1