Matlock - Season 2


Watch Matlock - Season 2 (1987)

"Matlock" features criminal defense attorney Ben Matlock seeking to prove the innocence of his client as he takes on his / her case, of which most involve murders. He does this with the help of a team of people, which changed from season to season but included over the years Conrad McMasters, daughter Charlene Matlock, and Cliff Lewis.

One of the greatest tv series of all time - Matlock - Season 2. I saw really many tv series in my life, over 10 000 I think... I've many tv show productions in my mind that I call favorite but best tv show mean to me having both a certain style, which symbolizes the point of a tv show to tell a story via motion pictures of a being's existential turning point, it engrosses you in imagination and its overall effect is that either it leave you changed, inspired or left some impact on you. It's just a magical trip to some of the happiest moments of my childhood. I don't think anything will ever come close to what Matlock - Season 2 tv series did for me. The director of Matlock - Season 2 is a very talented man. Again the director proved, this time in the tv show Matlock - Season 2], that he can keep the viewers in suspense all the time. Matlock - Season 2 is a very good tv show, you can watch it here in FULL HD quality.... Show more

Countries: United States
Release: 1987-09-22
Duration: 60 min
IMDb Rating: 7