Advantages of Travelling by Train


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The advantages of traveling by train, divided into three seemingly independent chapters, tell the story of the editor Helga Pato, a forty-year-old woman who accidentally meets psychiatrist Ángel Sanagustín on a train trip and tells her (first chapter) the story of one of his patients, Martín Urales, who enlisted army he was sent to fight in the war in Kosovo where he Linares met a determined and compassionate woman who is trying to build a children's hospital to cure a wrecked war and is forced to do a lot: In return for the hospital she wants, Linares has to bring a child every month to his benefactors to make adult films and snuff. Upon returning home after being banned from the army to alert his superiors, Martin's aging father rejects the story and his son and forces Martin into exile. At this point, Sanagustín gets out at the train station to buy candy, but there's no time to return, and Helga finds Sanagustin's briefcase in front of her. Read medical records ...... Show more

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Release: 2019
Duration: 106 min
IMDb Rating: 6.5