The Office - Season 6


Watch The Office - Season 6 (2009)

This adaptation in the USA - filmed at a paper company in Scranton, PA. - has a documentary style similar to the British original Ricky Gervais. Includes Dunder-Mifflin employees, including role-based characters in the UK TV series - and possibly the people you work with in the office. There is Jim, a nice employee who is a bit ordinary. Jim has something to say for Pam - the receptionist who has become a sales representative - because office matters are always a good idea! There is also Dwight, an employee who is successful but has no social skills and no common sense.... Show more

The viewer likes to be surprised, through dialogues, the storyline and interesting, expressive characters and unpredictable ending. You'll experience everything in The Office - Season 6. No finer tv show has ever been made in Comedy category espacially in 2009... and it is now for free. The entire tv show carries with it a remarkable message combined with a great acting and genius play, rich in detail performance. The Office - Season 6 filled me with difficult to explain energy, got me so immersed in it. The director of The Office - Season 6 is a very talented man. The special effects, action and characters give this tv show higher note. The Office - Season 6 is a very good tv show, you can watch it here in FULL HD quality.... Show more

Countries: United States
Release: 2009-09-17
Duration: 22 min
IMDb Rating: 8.8