Ride the Pink Horse


Watch Ride the Pink Horse (1947)

Gagin arrives in the San Pablo district, which is preparing for the annual "Mexican Festival": tough, mysterious and laconic. His mission: to find the equally mysterious Frank Hugo, apparently out of revenge; is that blackmail? FBI agent Retz is also looking for the elusive Hugo. Everyone in town is a mystery, especially Pila, a mystical teenager who follows Gagin and feels his death. There is also a classic femme fatale and an antique carousel with a pink horse ...

Ride the Pink Horse is one of my favorite movie from year 1947. It's hard to find a movie done this well. Ride the Pink Horse is a great movie and there is no doubt. Ride the Pink Horse filled me with difficult to explain energy got me so immersed in it. Special effects, action and characters give this high rating. The whole movie is still very relaxing and motivating. Last time I bought this movie in a blu-ray quality, so I decided to upload the full movie here.

Release: 1947
Duration: 101 min
IMDb Rating: 7.3