The Saint - Season 2


Watch The Saint - Season 2 (1963)

The Saint (Sir Roger Moore) is a modern day Robin Hood of sorts. He prevents criminals from succeeding. Where a reward is offered, or the criminals loot is not discovered or "lost", he keeps it to cover his expenses. Simon Templar must always stay one step ahead of the law. Fortunately, his wit, charm, and knowledge of a criminal's ways makes it a fairly easy task.

The Saint - Season 2 is one of my favorite tv show from year 1963. However, those who hate such tv series will not be disappointed, because the dialogues led by the main characters are brilliant. I truely love in The Saint - Season 2 the sound track, it is one of the most positive tv show soundtracks ever. I'm big fan of Action tv series. Play the game, pure spirit of that masterpiece. The special effects, action and characters give this tv show higher note. I choosed to upload this full tv show.

Actors: Roger Moore
Release: 1963-09-19
IMDb Rating: 7.5