While No One Is Watching


Watch While No One Is Watching (2013)

In Sweden two investigators are working on identifying images of a child being raped by two men. In northern Romania a girl is being offered a job in Italy, but ends up as a sex slave. A Russian man is investing money in Cambodia. Parallel to his business venture he rapes one child after the other. Three girls move to the capital of South Sudan to look for a job. But the demand for sex has created an extensive market involving perpetrators such as ex-soldiers, aid workers and businessmen. While No One Is Watching takes us through the stories of the children, the police officers and the organizations fighting to stop commercial sexual exploitation of children.... Show more

For me While No One Is Watching - was the biggest surprise of the year 2013. I will grant that my expectations were very low before seeing this movie. The soundtrack is very good too. While No One Is Watching also looks nice from the soundtrack side. The variety of dialogues, which is the power of this production, excites the viewer, especially against today's movies that are clearly weak and so boring. I'm not a true fan of Documentary, but I'm like that too!. Don't waste your time, click on play button and watch.... Show more

Countries: Sweden
Release: 2013-10-02
Duration: 58 min
IMDb Rating: 6.2