The Last Day of Summer


Watch The Last Day of Summer (1958)

The young man meets a middle-aged woman on a deserted beach. They will beat their personal and war trauma and find a way to stay together?

Definitely movie from my personal top 10 of best movies ever. Drama category did not create a better movie and you can now watch for free on Toppmovies. I know it gets a lot of stick for being the mainstream popular movie, but honestly I can not think of anything wrong with the movie online. You just have to watch The Last Day of Summer. The direction is sublime. Excellent photos, tempo and editing. The Last Day of Summer appeared on the screenings in 1958 and immediately became one of the most moving cinematic films of recent years. Don't waste your time, click on play button and watch.... Show more

Release: 1958
Duration: 66 min
IMDb Rating: 7