Watch Skyddsänglarna (1995)

Gerard Depardieu plays a sleazy Paris nightclub owner and ex-detective who flies to rescue the young son of a friend in Hong Kong, who was murdered by the Chinese mafia. He leaves the boy in the hands of the priest seriously (Christian Clavier), who accompanies him back to Paris. Soon Clavier and Depardieu are each shaded fight it by its good or bad guardian angel.

For me Skyddsänglarna - was the biggest surprise of the year 1995. Most movies, even the greatest ones, evaporate like mist once you've returned to the real world; they leave memories behind, but their reality fades free quickly. But not with this one :). The term 'Best movie' is as you know a relative term. What you or I consider as the best may not even be in someone else's list. So the general rule is to proclaim the one which majority of people like as the best. To me the following can be regarded as some of the greatest movie ever made. Skyddsänglarna filled me with difficult to explain energy got me so immersed in it. I really like film music, this movie's pure strip. The whole movie is still very relaxing and motivating. Last time I bought this movie in a blu-ray quality, so I decided to upload the full movie here.... Show more

Release: 1995
Duration: 110 min
IMDb Rating: 5.9