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S & MAN begins with material from Michael Powell's exploration of voyeurism "Peeping Tom". Director JT Petty uses this material as a starting point to examine the classic comparison between film creativity and peeping, especially in the genre of horror. He continues to study this relationship, but instead of watching classic horror films, Petty examines the suspicious underground genre of fetish films. These films are basically simulated snuff films, in which victims are raped and murdered in various fantasy scenarios. The most famous of these is the "S & Man" series, in which voyeurism takes a central place when people unwittingly follow the camera. Petty delves into the world of bizarre fetish films and invents fascinating interviews with the producers and actors of these films. Much of the material from these films will surprise and prevent even the most experienced veterans of horror films. The connection that Petty has between these films and ...... Show more

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Release: 2006
IMDb Rating: 5.7