Watch W. (2008)

Oliver Stone's biography tells of the life of George W. Bush, one of the most controversial presidents in US history, about his wild and carefree days in college, in military service, in the Texas governorate and in his role in the oil industry and his candidacy as President in 2000, the first stormy four years and the 2004 re-election campaign

For me W. - was the biggest surprise of the year 2008. I really recommend to see and put W. on the list of the best films, because W. certainly deserve it. I will tell you something. I ended up watching it four times whole movie online in the web, almost without breaks. W. is movie, you will watch whole, more than once. Every single performance is incredible. Not to mention that it has the best music in a movie. Fucking loved this movie! Such a mix of emotions. Last time I bought this movie in a blu-ray quality, so I decided to upload the full movie here.... Show more

Release: 2008
Duration: 129 min
IMDb Rating: 6.3