Steptoe and Son - Season 7


Watch Steptoe and Son - Season 7 (1972)

A thirty year old man named Harold and his older father Albert work as bone flaps (collect and sell garbage). Harold is ambitious and wants to improve, but his father always ruins his plans, sometimes accidentally and sometimes deliberately. The couple live in poverty and the father has disgusting personal habits that still embarrass his son.

The viewer likes to be surprised, through dialogues, the storyline and interesting, expressive characters and unpredictable ending. You'll experience everything in Steptoe and Son - Season 7. I recommend the tv series to everyone, but I do not know if everyone will like it as much as I do. The entire tv show carries with it a remarkable message combined with a great acting and genius play, rich in detail performance. Steptoe and Son - Season 7 filled me with difficult to explain energy, got me so immersed in it. Special effects, action and characters give this high rating. Recently, Steptoe and Son - Season 7 is again on the screens of our home cinemas or at least on the screens of people who watch Steptoe and Son - Season 7 online. Now stream in hd or download Steptoe and Son - Season 7 here.... Show more

Countries: United Kingdom
Release: 1972-02-21
IMDb Rating: 7.7