Love Everlasting


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Bridger Jenkins, a high school graduate, is an outsider with hidden scars and a lifelong dream of seeing the ocean. His mother lived in poverty and did everything in her power to ensure a good life for her son, but her world turned again when Bridger's aggressive stepfather threatened her life. On the way, Bridger and his mother set off on a trip of a lifetime for just $ 197. However, a number of obstacles thwart her plan and eventually get stuck in the middle of nowhere - a small town that will change her fate. When Bridger has the opportunity to meet the beauty with brown eyes shrouded in insecurity, sparks fly and the eternal bond between two losers hungry for acceptance and true love.... Show more

For me Love Everlasting - was the biggest surprise of the year 2016. The term 'Best' is as you know a relative term. What you or I consider as the best may not even be in someone else's list. So the general rule is to proclaim the one which majority of the folks like as the best. Nevertheless, according to me the following can be regarded as some of the finest movie ever made. I will tell you something. I ended up watching it four times whole movie online in the web, almost without breaks. There are some scenes in this movie that I will remember them until I die. It can be interpreted in many ways. Easily the movie with the best dialogues ever. Now every single person can watch this movie online for free here.... Show more

Directors: Rob Diamond
Countries: United States
Release: 2016-11-15
Duration: 93 min
IMDb Rating: 6.2