The Mentor


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A woman tries to put the loss of her daughter behind her by going back to teaching. In her new job she is assigned a mentor who is hiding a deep dark violent past. Her mentor begins to develop an unsettling attraction to her.

The Mentor - fantastic movie. I really recommend to see and put The Mentor on the list of the best films, because The Mentor certainly deserve it. I sat for a long time after the end of The Mentor, reflecting on my thoughts. Anyway, Crime may boast of one of the biggest numbers of good movies. The richness of dialogue, which is the power of this image, arouses the respect of the recipient, especially when compared to today's productions, most of them are very poor. Fucking loved this movie! Such a mix of emotions. The Mentor is one of the best possible choice for a saturday evening with cinema.... Show more

Directors: Anthony Lefresne
Countries: United States
Release: 2014-06-14
Duration: 89 min
IMDb Rating: 5