Demons 2


Watch Demons 2 (1986)

A group of tenants and visitors are trapped in a 10-story high-rise apartment building infested with demons who proceed to hunt the dwindling humans down.

Demons 2 is a simple movie, but it has a lot to offer the viewer. I really recommend to see and put Demons 2 on the list of the best films, because Demons 2 certainly deserve it. This film, which I even refuse to compare with the other ones is the masterpiece created by my favorite director. I'm the biggest fan in the world of movies like this. I really like film music, this movie's pure strip. I'm not a true fan of Horror, but I'm like that too!. You can watch Demons 2 here on this website.

Directors: Lamberto Bava
Countries: Italy
Release: 1986-10-09
Duration: 88 min
IMDb Rating: 6