No Man's Woman


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Carolyn Ellenson crosses the five people crossing her path twice and is murdered by one of them. After Marlow's wedding to Grant for his money, he leaves him, but continues his infidelity so cleverly that he cannot divorce her. When Grant falls in love with Louise Nelson, an art studio, Carolyn demands exorbitant cash payments and high maintenance payments. Then Carolyn, tired of art critic Wayne Vincent, who has suspended his advertising career from working in the art studio, leaves him to hunt Dick Sawyer and break off his engagement to Betty Allen. All five have motives for Carolyn's murder, and the police choose Grant as a logical suspect. But another person came to confess the murder for personal reasons, but he didn't. The real killer feels safe, but has to remove the murder weapon from the studio before the police discover it.... Show more

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Release: 1955
Duration: 70 min
IMDb Rating: 6.4