One Piece Movie 1


Watch One Piece Movie 1 (2000)

There was once a pirate named Great Golden Woonan Pirate who received almost 1/3 gold in the world. Within a few years the pirate's existence expired and the legend rose with the gold to a remote island that pirates are still looking for. On board Going, Merry Luffy and his crew, hungry and ruthless, are robbed of their treasure. When they tried to get it back, they crashed a getaway ship led by a boy named Tabio, who is a captured part of the El Drago pirate crew. El Drago's love of gold forced him to search for the island of Woonana, and thanks to Woonana's treasure map, he finds it. During that time, Luffy's crew was divided, and despite their own circumstances, they need to find a way to stop El Drago from winning Woonan's gold.... Show more

I watched One Piece Movie 1 with a pleasure. There are many movie productions that can cause shivers, or make your heart beat faster, but it's the [tytul] that deserve the most to be available to watch online for free. I know it gets a lot of stick for being the mainstream popular movie, but honestly I can not think of anything wrong with this movie online. I'm the biggest fan in the world of movies like this. It can be interpreted in many ways. Fucking loved this movie! Such a mix of emotions. Now, watch and enjoy :).... Show more

Directors: Atsuji Shimizu
Countries: Japan
Release: 2000
Duration: 60 min
IMDb Rating: 6.9